My words were all dusty, but I opened them with care...

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Dailies - Lilac 3/23/15


A practice in

Word Box poems...




My artist's orbit a Shadow


Spring rallies and defends

in Antique White

Swinging in my belly

the bellow of Child Delight.




Music balmy and white

hushes the weep of children.

The simple squall of mothers


and Gritty

hangs in nature

like rain on a

weeping tree.




She danced like a flippant little island at sunset,


crazy      from her bones

             rimmed in lace tattoos.

Rain in the tiniest trample and rush

defends against the spilling

of her soul

of the child she was ten years ago

or maybe only two.

Some memories are in black and white.

This one is chartreuse

ringed in flashes of burgundy.

A search that leaves her wanting

A slow and quiet amaryllis kind of sleep.




Dailies - My Brother 3/23/15


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