Kindred Elements | Kindred Elements at the Plaza Diane Arts Festival

Kindred Elements at the Plaza Diane Arts Festival

August 16, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I wanted to thank everyone who stopped by my booth at the Plaza yesterday! A huge special thanks go out to my Mom and Bodie for all your help setting up, tearing down, and in between. And to my friends Jamie, Misty, and Michael for helping me pretend to be the extrovert I am so not. I really appreciate you guys!!!

My booth!!! Also a special thanks to Meg for letting me borrow the canopy, for all of her great advice, and for being an amazing and loving friend. I love you Meg and am going to miss you so much when you move. Sandy and Walter. Thank you again Jamie!!! My lovely friend Sandy stopped by to see me. I love this woman. She is awesome, amazing, and she never forgets to give me a hug!



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